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SMKR is a set of 63 types, thought for designers and artists looking for something of original to characterize their lettering.
Based on Free Sans font shapes, it is inspired by the sinuous movement of smoke in the air.
Note, it is not a TTF: each letter or number is a single artwork made by Processing software and generative graphic techniques.
SMKR include uppercase and lowercase, number and @.

Getting Started

You can buy and download SMKR only and directly from the Shop section. You can choose between the BASIC (png) version and the PREMIUM (vectorial) version.
Once you have purchased, you will get a personal download link of your SMKR pack.
Ain't you sure which version do you need? Get free samples from the download link below.

Download basic sample Download premium sample


SMKR is really easy to use. No installation is required! Simply copy and paste each type in your artwork to compose your new lettering, like a puzzle!
Apply filters and gradients with Photoshop to change colors and get fashinating effects.

The Project

smkr type project

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